Provided Launcher Download and Test

Support Link:

Before purchasing one of our Clients, please download the launcher and see if it works on your PC:

Step 1: Download the launcher application.

Step 2: Launch the file and install the application. After the application is installed, please try to run and launch the Provided program, which is the launcher of the Clients provided in this Shop.

Step 3: The launcher will now download the required files in a command line. After that, when the launcher opens, you can be sure that the Client will start on your computer without any problems. The launcher looks like this:

The Launcher doesnt start! Can I still play with the Client? Yes, you can! Read the following text.

If there are problems, i.e. if the launcher does not start or the command line closes after a few seconds without anything happening, this is due to your antivirus program.

Is Provided infected? No, the 6% danger rate are caused by the launcher's complicated encryption.

Virus Check:

Virus check of the launcher without encryption:

Please add an exception to your antivirus program so that the program can start. The instructions on how to add this exception to your antivirus program can be found in the #infos channel of ourdiscord: